My Own Private Audio-Episode 9- Summertime Vinyl Listening

Hello vinyl friends. Man, it’s been a long, hot, sticky, and wonderfully busy summer. As always, our very special thanks to all the incredible support for our Vinyl Storage Boxes . Your photos and compliments mean everything to us. 
And yes. As I always say, the daily business of preparing your Music Boxes in addition to our much needed record listening time has made writing difficult.

But, as an active Crate digger I feel obligated to share the vinyl that’s been in heavy rotation for me this summer. It’s a real mixed bag of new releases and older classics. From the heaviest of metal to the smoothest of hip hop... this summer has been a real gift to my ears 

Interlude: Recently, I was extremely fortunate enough to get my hands on a Linn LP 12 and I am in Analog heaven. It is a dream come true and I have been thinking of writing a little summation of my audio rig, just to let you all know how deep I really am I’m into my own private audio. It is a sickness I am certain many of you are familiar with.

I won't get too deep into review territory, I'll just skim the surface on a few of the cream of the crop.

I’ll start with the new, and this record is gonna be tough to top as my favorite of 2018, just for the frequency and delight I get listening to it.
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Hope Downs . I’m a big fan of these guys and this is their first full length LP. I recommend All their previous releases as well, but if you have the money for just one, pick this up. Start to finish, pure gold. Think R.E.M. , the Go Betweens, Television and  a little poppier Clash and you’re in the right tent. Great songs, great performances and a well produced album that retains the urgency and power of this Melbourne band . In a better world “Talking Straight” would be a number one single. 
MF Doom - Operation Doomsday. Yeah. I’m late to the party but music has no tardy policy so I don’t really care, I'm just happy I made it.  What lead me here was Czarface meets MF Doom. Both albums are wildly entertaining, creative hip hop masterpieces. Inspectah Deck leads the charge on Czarface and the record is just such an all encompassing journey: it’s rich in production, smooth in delivery and just an all around fun creative listen. I find myself spinning both back to back often.
Willie Nelson- Pamper Demos- Who doesn’t love Willie Nelson? Singer songwriter extraordinaire. Well, I picked up this collection of his early demos, you know when Nashville told him to stick to just songwriting. If you’re a fan of Willie or just looking for what plays like a greatest hits of traditional American songwriting I’d suggest picking this up. You can listen with or without a drink and still catch a buzz!

Israel Nash- Lifted . I’m a big fan of this great great musical talent. And his latest is yet another gem to add to his catalog. Think Beach Boys meets Neil Young and you’ll be on the right track. It’s pastoral, lush, chock full of glorious harmonies and beautiful songs

Donovan- Greatest Hits. I found this copy sealed for €15 and nearly cried. I love Donovan and this is a great compilation. 

Zuider Zee- Zeenith. Light in the Attic Records unearths a stellar set of tracks from this horribly unknown band from the 70’s. Melodies and top notch songwriting galore.If you dig Paul McCartney or Big Star this Record is for you. And heck if Cheap Trick dug em’ then you will too . 

Depeche Mode- Music For The Masses- Because its just plain awesome, and pretty good damn sexy to boot!

Jellies- 77:78- I don't know much about this band, it was referred by my good friend Anton at Concerto, and damn! He was right. Psychedelic? 70's Pop? Absolutely!

And last, but certainly not least...

Iron Maiden- Number of the Beast. I'm going to be really honest here, I was never into any type of metal (I do not consider Sabbath or Led Zeppelin metal). However, I do remember being fascinated by Eddie as a child. I'd see those album displays at Record World and feel a mix of excitement and fear. 'Surely, this is the work of real satanists.' And though I have always been a fan of satan, I still felt like there was a line I should not cross.I would continue to admire from far away, and through my friends, many of whom worshipped Iron Maiden. So, did I give into satan? I guess so, if giving into the dark lord means rocking out with the tightest, most all encapsulating righteous metal I've ever heard. 

And with that I will wrap it up with the continued promise to write more frequently and to keep delivering the best damn vinyl storage on the planet!

Keep Spinning that wax and share your summer vinyl lists with right here. I love referrals!


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