ANALOG PLANET- NOV 4th , 2017 by Michael Fremer

Netherlands-based Music Box Designs manufactures these solid wood vinyl storage containers and ships them world-wide for a very reasonable price. Shipping is free in The Netherlands and throughout most of Europe.

These ruggedly built, visually attractive, stackable and easily carried wooden storage boxes (14.5"x14.5"x13.5") cost between $70.00 (Birch Plywood) and $104.00 (Oiled Oak). Natural Oak costs $98.00 Shipping cost to the United States, Canada, Ireland and the U.K. is a very reasonable 20 Euro for either 1 or 2 units (in other words, if you're buying, buy 2). There's a special discount if you order 5 at a time or more (all quoted prices are approximate depending upon currency fluctuations).

These boxes are exceptionally well-made and sturdy. If there's anything to criticize about them it's that they are surprisingly heavy (17.5 pounds), which makes a filled unit very heavy and probably best used for static storage rather than for transporting records, unless you are "strong like bull".

VINYL FACTORY- Nov.7th, 2017