"Black Magic" India Ink Colored Oak 12 inch Vinyl Storage Box
"Black Magic" India Ink Colored Oak 12 inch Vinyl Storage Box
"Black Magic" India Ink Colored Oak 12 inch Vinyl Storage Box

"Black Magic" India Ink Colored Oak 12 inch Vinyl Storage Box

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Black is the new black. Bold, seductive, and sexy. We have taken our glorious edge glued Oak Music Boxes and stained them in India Ink, then we buff them, and apply a coat of black tinted oil to bring out the unique grain, for what we consider to be "Black Magic".  Protect and Display your vinyl in exquisite luxury and compliment your home decor and listening room in style.

Premium Solid Oak LP Storage Box. Designed specifically for the vinyl lover who insists on the finest vessel to house his/her collection. These boxes will enhance the decor of any room they are placed in, they are simply stunning.

From the advanced record collector, who may need a beautiful "current rotation" box, or a newcomer, who is taking their first steps into the world of records, our boxes are a reflection of that Hi Fidelity analogue feeling; aesthetically rich, full bodied, and sexy.  Modular and Stackable.  

Our boxes can be used both vertically and horizontally to display and protect your records. And as your collection grows, our boxes are designed to stack on each other for the ultimate vinyl presentation.   Holds up to 65 records

This beautiful solid oiled oak Music Box is strong and durable with a prominent grain that makes each box unique. We sand each box to a smooth texture and oil by hand to bring out the individual richness of the grain.  There is no particle board or MDF involved in the construction and we do not use any metal joinery.  We have reinforced the boxes structural integrity with internal wooden dowels, so they are not only gorgeous but extremely durable. 

External Specs: 
367mm x 367mmx 340mm (L x W x H)
Internal Specs:
330mm x 330mm x 322mm


Weight   8.4     kg /  18.5 lbs.

* As with all of our wooden products, proper care and handling will preserve the life and beauty of our products. Wood is a living material, so treat it as such. Protect it from extreme temperature swings (do not place directly near heaters) or extreme moisture. Our Oiled products not only enhance the natural beauty of our Music Boxes they serve as a protective barrier for the wood itself.  We do sell Natural Oak Music Boxes as well and we recommend our clients use some form of wood protection to preserve their pieces. Wood Oil or wax will do the job nicely.