Personalized Vinyl Storage Graphic Service

Personalize your vinyl experience with a custom graphic. Think of it as a tattoo for your Vinyl Storage.

Through the power of lasers we can engrave an image of your choice on any of our Music Box products. 

custom laser engraved graphic vinyl storage

Music is an incredibly powerful communal experience best shared at a concert or in the comfort of your own home with friends. But, music is also a very personal experience. With this in mind we have opened up our custom laser engraved service to the general public. For years we have produced beautiful laser engraved logos and graphics on our products for record labels, record stores, vinyl clubs, and vinyl-centric Youtubers.

The additional cost is a €25.00 set up fee, which includes placement, scaling, test burn (for final approval) and the completed burn itself.

You can choose the placement and orientation

If you have an idea for a graphic you'd like to have on one of our products please email

Some of our clients include: 4AD Records, Late Night Tales, Rough Trade, Burning Shed, and Concerto. 

linn lp12 laser graphic vinyl storage