The Fab Four-Oiled Oak Music Box Set-LP Storage
The Fab Four-Oiled Oak Music Box Set-LP Storage
The Fab Four-Oiled Oak Music Box Set-LP Storage

The Fab Four-Oiled Oak Music Box Set-LP Storage

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4 of our Premium Oiled Oak Music Boxes for the sweet price of €351.82, a juicy 12% off each of our best selling vinyl storage boxes.

We understand that many vinyl collectors have many many vinyl records, and so, we are proud to offer this special package.

These beautiful solid oiled oak Music Boxes are strong and durable with a prominent grain that makes each box unique. We sand each box to a smooth texture and oil by hand to bring out the individual richness of the grain.  There is no particle board or MDF involved in the construction and we do not use any metal joinery.  We have reinforced the boxes structural integrity with internal wooden dowels, and 'Tongue and Groove' joinery, so they are not only gorgeous but extremely durable. 


Height    36.83 cm / 14.5 inches

Width     34.30 cm / 13.5 inches

Length   36.70 cm / 14.4 inches

Weight   8.4     kg /  18.5 lbs.

* As with all of our wooden products, proper care and handling will preserve the life and beauty of our products. Wood is a living material, so treat it as such. Protect it from extreme temperature swings (do not place directly near heaters) or extreme moisture. Our Oiled products not only enhance the natural beauty of our Music Boxes they serve as a protective barrier for the wood itself.  We do sell Natural Oak Music Boxes as well and we recommend our clients use some form of wood protection to preserve their pieces. Wood Oil or wax will do the job nicely. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
thomas mauffrey

Those boxes are fantastic! Thank you Musicboxdesign

Stephan Rein

How could anybody say anything bad against these beautiful boxes?

Daniele Angelelli

Solid live they are even more beautiful! Thank you, see you soon!

stephen miller
12 Days of Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and I’ve just added my New Fab Four to my existing 8 boxes. Looking good, makes a great storage unit for my ever expanding record collection.