The Amp Box- LP Storage
The Amp Box- LP Storage
The Amp Box- LP Storage

The Amp Box- LP Storage

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As featured in Michael Fremer's Analog Planet
Music Box Designs is proud to present the latest addition to our line of premium vinyl storage.  We call it, THE AMP BOX, inspired by my own Fender Tweed Amplifier, this beautiful baby, is constructed of the finest finger jointed oak wood, Deep Oxblood Amplifier Grill Cloth, a thin layer of black MDF ( to simulate a speaker port), and a push button door.
100% handmade,  this unique Vinyl Storage Box is sure to compliment your record collection and listening room.
Our Amp Box is durable, stackable, and the perfect tribute to the countless classic guitarists who employed a Fender Tweed amp to make your favorite records.
Protect and house your records in style . Holds up to 65 Records.
Our latest production run will ship in the first week of December 2018.
If you have any questions please inquire at
**Please note that in order to properly have a door,  The Amp Box is slightly wider than our other Music Boxes. It can still be stacked flush with our other Music Boxes, but there will be some  extra space.


Height    36.6 cm / 14.5 inches

Width     36.6 cm / 14.4 inches

Length   36.6 cm / 14.4 inches

Weight   8.9     kg /  19.6 lbs.

* As with all of our wooden products, proper care and handling will preserve the life and beauty of our products. Wood is a living material, so treat it as such. Protect it from extreme temperature swings (do not place directly near heaters) or extreme moisture. Our Oiled products not only enhance the natural beauty of our Music Boxes they serve as a protective barrier for the wood itself.  We do sell Natural Oak Music Boxes as well and we recommend our clients use some form of wood protection to preserve their pieces. Wood Oil or wax will do the job nicely.