Walnut 'Groove' Record Display Holder
Walnut 'Groove' Record Display Holder

Walnut 'Groove' Record Display Holder

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You know what's beautiful? European Walnut. Glorious grain, rich color, and excellent at holding your vinyl.  Treat your wax and listening room to the elegance that can only be found in solid walnut.  They are cut, lasered, sanded and oiled to offer you a perfect way to display your vinyl while listening to it. So get yourself and your vinyl into the groove and immerse yourself in sight and sound.

Dimensions: 18cm Long x 3.5 cm tall (at the tallest level)

*Please note that our record holders are designed to hold a vast majority of albums, however, box sets or triple record sets will not fit. In addition, very old and thin record jackets may not stand upright.